Ratkiller “Meltdown of the Highest Order” — PB016 Ratkiller “Meltdown of the Highest Order” — PB016

“Meltdown of the Highest Order”
LP, PB016, limited to 300

Mihkel Kleis – the man behind the moniker Ratkiller – listens to music on the edge of human perception. After listening, he compiles TOP 500 end-of-the-year lists for his friends.

When not listening, he makes music. His history on the underground music scene dates back to the late 1990s. Kleis started in a space-age jazz-rock prog band formed at the art academy in Tallinn, Estonia. His multiple solo projects – from black metal to library music - are recorded under different aliases. Look and you can find and order a massive box-set of all his recordings, including prints by Kleis.

Ratkiller started sometime around 2011, and, according to Kleis, was an attempt to produce "contemporary electronic club music". He has said: “I still don't know how it should be done. In a way, I am like a parrot - I like to imitate but I don't have any idea what I'm saying.”

After tapes on labels such as Rotifer Cassettes, Baba Vanga, ;paranoia and Crash Symbols, "Meltdown of the Highest Order" is his first release on vinyl.

PS. Kleis also likes to draw and design his own album covers.

Order from: Biit.me, Rush Hour

Mihkel Kleis